Buddy Program


Principals, teachers and parents today are interested in creating “Safe School environments.” For the past 18 years we have seen the benefit in organizing Buddy Programs in the schools to promote kindness, compassion, and understanding of difference. These valuable programs discourage bullying and have shown to boost learning.

What is a Buddy Program

This is a K-12 school program that pairs able-bodied students with differently-abled students. All you need is administrative permission and a couple of teachers working with the special education teacher(s) who are willing to give this amazing program some time. All students are given a pre-survey to understand what they are comfortable handling before they are paired with another student. In the SHOUT book you will find a copy of the survey and a detailed 9-month curriculum (pages 158 to 163). You can purchase a book by clicking here.

4th and 5th Grade Curriculums

In our experience, the simpler the activity the better whether it is creating together an art project, building a ginger bread house during the holidays, having a pizza party or kicking a soccer ball, we’ve learned to keep it simple. Also, roll-playing ahead of time and giving all students the language to help the communication flow. “Do you have a special pet, do you like the Broncos, do you like to swim, what do you enjoy doing for fun?” For more specific information refer to the SHOUT book.

Junior and High School Curriculums

This was our first year working with junior and high school students. We developed a curriculum not included in the SHOUT book so to request copies of the pre-surveys for both able-bodied and differently-abled students and the post surveys to assess what has and hasn’t worked for your specific group of students, please contact us via email at shouteffect@gmail.com.

Professionally Provided Surveys and Assessments

All our surveys have been prepared by Professor Kathryn Young, Associate Professor of Secondary/K-12 Education and Instructional Technology at Metropolitan State College in Denver. 

For more information about Buddy Programs or the SHOUT Book, please contact us via email at shouteffect@gmail.com