Peek Inside

View sample pages from this one-of-a-kind book with over 70 pieces of stunning art and words of wisdom from 90 intellectually and physically challenged youth. These artists and writers reveal a true-to-life glimpse into their lives, hopes, dreams and even their frustrations and disappointments.

Example of Introductory Page in Shout Book. Two pages of introduction, with fun, colorful and energetic illustrations.

Introduction example. “SHOUT it from the rooftops! Our beautiful girl is here.”

Image of example pages showing painting illustration of blind person walking with a cane. Painting with bright blue background and lots of white and light blue splotches make up the image of a blind person with a cane on a street.

“Strengths I’ve gained from being blind? 1. I don’t judge people based on what they look like. 2. I can read in the dark. 3. When the power goes out in our house I’m the only one who can find things.” – Peter, 17, Blind. Artwork by Collaborative Group, VSA Colorado/Access Gallery


Image of example pages showing artwork and text. Left page shows a darker collaborative art piece with black and white paint with the quote in red. Right page shows a painting of giraffes in silhouette with sunset behind, and artist quote at the bottom.

Left: “People with disabilities know it’s not okay to engage in offensive behavior.” – Peter, 17, Stroke with artwork by Collaborate Group at VSA Colorado/Access Gallery.
Right: “You know someone is a great person by how they treat others.” – Hannah, 19, Intellectual Disability. Atrwork by Elisha, 15, Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Image of example pages showing dinosaur artwork and text. Drawing of dinosaurs around city highrises, with some flying in clouds. Orange bar on the left contains the quote..

“I was bullied in 6th grade. A girl called me “stupid” and another girl followed me home from school one day and it scared me.” – Amy, 14, Intellectual Disability. Artwork by Nicole, Developmental Disability.


Image of example pages showing coloring of kids at camp. Green page with drawing on right side, showing two kids fishing at camp, and a third kid using a wheelchair by a lake.

“Life is not over when you are diagnosed with a disability.” – Corey, 19, Muscular Dystrophy. Artwork by Samuel, 10, Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease.

Example of pages from the Appendix. Two page of the appendix, with fun, colorful and energetic illustrations.

Appendix example. “What happens when the happy voices and positive energy of all kinds of kids come together? The word ‘handicap’ gets lost in the cheers of joy.”